The real estate business is one of the oldest business in human history. From ancient time till now, people are associated with this business. Once in a life, every one of us will be doing the real estate transaction in our life. This seems to be a simple business and real estate transaction, just feel like; 

  • Seeing the site
  • Meeting the owner of the site
  • Signing the sales contract
  • Transferring the money
  • Getting property registered to the new owner


Doesn’t seems that any other business is so simple as real estate business. But then how complexity arises in it and why most of the cases in courts are related to real estate. That means there are many hidden things which need to be considered while selling or buying the property. If you are a novice to this real estate laws, getting external help is also recommended. For such a task, the role of a conveyancer is critical. The conveyancer will supervise the conveyancing process of selling and buying of property. The conveyancing involves all the documentation and completion of the legal requirement, meeting these all requirement will guarantee the transfer of property without any anticipated disputes in future. 

The conveyancer will perform the function solicitor and facilitator for their client. The conveyancer can also help their client to track the original owner of the society and will verify all the certification of title. Sometimes the advice of conveyancer can save their client from buying the disputed property. The conveyancer Castle Hill will conduct the complete research of the property and check all the relevant authorities, about the status of the property. This will help him to give calculated advice to their client that rather buy this property or not. 

The conveyancer will also prepare all the necessary documentation required to complete the transaction. The conveyancer will also ensure that all the conditions in the contract will be meet and not any clause can affect or damage the new owner of the property in future. 

In case of funds are required by clients for acquisition property. The conveyancer can also liaison with the financial institution for providing a lease for the property. As they have all the required documentation in hands, they will be able to present the lease case better than anyone else. When the financial institutions will be confident that all the legal requirement have been met and verified by the professional conveyancer, this will increase the chances of getting the lease on more favourable terms.

A conveyancer can also facilitate in settling the dispute between two parties. Having legal knowledge and knowing the real estate regulation, a conveyancer can act as a mediator between two parties for dispute resolution. They can also prepare the settlement statement for their clients when a dispute will be resolved.

Role Of Conveyancer