Basement feature wall panels are some panels that have recently gained great popularity. Due to their constant size, they are made of wood or handmade sheets, so they can be easily fixed to the floor surface. This product adds incredible appeal to the basement and is one of the most popular alternatives that many people use to decorate tiles, murals and other conservative walls. In many buildings or homes, the basement must be made of high-quality waterproofing material to prevent effective moisture penetration through tiles and paints. However, wall panels are designed exclusively to effectively prevent meld and improve the appearance of the basement. This is due to the high resistance to extreme weather conditions and the lack of moisture absorption.

Various styles and colours

Panel products are widely used in the market since they come in a variety of styles and colours, in addition to their highly compatible designs. This feature allows the owner to choose the colour that best suits them and choose a colour that matches the existing decoration. The colours are of the highest quality and last for years without losing aesthetic value. This is the fact that the product is surprising in the wall panels.

Texture and size of panel design

This product is designed with the best manufacturing technology. Therefore, they are specifically designed to provide a solid texture that can withstand even the most severe climatic factors. It is also made of a solid texture that improves the overall appearance of the basement. In the distance, you can always see the perfect image in the basement with the product. Similarly, you can choose from other design textures, such as mosaics and ceramics. They are also large, allowing them to drain the water and give a more attractive appearance in the basement.

The basement walls allow more space

Many owners or owners use basements primarily for storage purposes. But at home, the use of wall panels from Advanced Display Systems  provides additional space for study rooms, children’s playrooms or office spaces. The excellent design and refined features improve the appearance of the basement. Also, due to the variety of styles, designs, sizes and textures, it can be installed to suit personal style. The owner can always choose the items that are of most interest to all family members and panels that add value to the house.

Three decorative options

It is surprising because, unlike other forms of feature wall panels systems, it can be used to decorate walls in three main ways. You can divide the entire wall, use the chessboard style (library style) or choose a cladding style that allows you to paint a part of the wall, while others can be covered with panels. Click here for more info on feature wall panels.

But make sure that the characteristic walls are separated from the room and do not work. If you have placed lively and bold wallpaper on the walls, use lamps, cushions, carpets and vases to maintain the colour, style or pattern around the room, so that the entire room has unity and continuity. He decided to make the walls of the room a characteristic wall and all of them including the wall behind the bed, fireplace wall in the living room, and staircase wall in the hallway, the upper wall of the kitchen or dining room or the open living space in the apartment.

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