Modern farming techniques have certainly changed the way our ancestors worked. Nowadays farming has become easier than ever but only if you know what you are doing and you use the right equipment. There are many farmers still who have not adapted the modern farming techniques, and if you want to maximise your yield nowadays, the use of machinery is important. There are different farming techniques out there that can certainly play a huge role in the overall yield you get. However, the method that has been most popular nowadays for farming is controlled traffic farming. If you do not know too much about farming, then you may have a hard time understanding what this method is. This is the reason we are here to explain you. 

Most of the times you are going to see that how big of a difference equipment makes when it comes to farming. And indeed, machinery does make a huge impact on farming but only if you use it right. If you are not able to properly use modern machinery, then it can harm the overall land on which you are growing the crops. Most modern machinery are heavy, and as soon as they hit the farm, they are going to destroy everything in their path. This is the reason the method of controlled traffic farming was introduced. What is this method about? How is it is different from other farming method that use modern equipment? Let’s see. 

Ensuring Land Safety 

The biggest problem that people faced during farming was that the land also got damaged in the process. This was one of the biggest issues about the use of modern equipment. This is why, the solution that is now most commonly used so the wheels do not destroy the farm is to limit the track. When you limit the track the machines move on, then you are not only avoiding yourself from destroying the farm, but also making it easier for yourself to maximise the yield. The name controlled traffic farming is also self-explanatory, considering how you limit the track on which the machine would move on. If you are interested about axle extension you can visit

Enhanced Efficiency 

Before controlled traffic farming was introduced, farmers faced a lot of problems, despite how useful modern equipment was. It had become difficult for them to avoid damaging the land and in result, the crops they were growing were not of high-quality. However, now that the track is limited, they do not have to worry about damage control. Not only they are able to reduce human labour with the help of CFT, but the overall efficiency of their farming work and yield is also maximised. 

Controlled traffic farming is a valuable modern farming technique that everyone should implement. Get the best farming equipment today and also maximise the yield. 

Reasons To Go For Controlled Traffic Farming