steel beams

Do you want your house to get stronger?

The most appealing and impressive way to raise your house for the sake of fortification is known as Restumping. It not just fortifies but also guarantees complete safety for the home. Raising a place is the oldest technique to strengthen the structure and allow protection. Due to time and other environmental conditions, the buildings start suffering from wear and tear. To fight back these impacts, it becomes necessary to raise the affected portion of the house. Thus, in all, it becomes possible to establish stability. Restumping requires the right choice of materials. If you have opted to use steel, then it will ensure longevity and perfection. 

Types of steel house stumps

Besides the steel posts and beams , the steel materials make just the right stumps for any house. The house stumps that are crafted in steel have different types, and these types include the following:

  1. Steel Standard Stumps are the standard type of stumps. Unlike several other stumps in the market, this type is not treated with acid or galvanized paint. These stumps are available in red or blue oxide hues.
  2. Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Stumps stands out as the most impressive kind of stumps that you may like to pick at the time of replacement steel house stumps. For such stumps, the square tubular sheet is obtained. A stump shape is crafted by joining together the upper and the lower parts. It is made sure that the diameter at both the levels has to be 12mm. The prepared stumps are then added to the galvanized dipping, followed by coating them with the acid. This makes sure that no grease is left behind on the screen. After the entire process is completed, the colors are allowed to dry and set on the surface of the stumps. In a few cases, the stumps are treated with a hot galvanized concoction that prevents them from rusting.
  3. Duragal Steel Stump comes coated with zinc that is all added to the outer surface of the stumps. Here also, the two sides of the stumps are welded together and added with the zinc. There is a specialized galvanized spray to add to the surface. It is further added with the silver paint.
  4. Supergal Steel House Stumps are treated with acid to keep away the grease. They are made stronger like the steel beams once the zinc-based spray is used on the surface. There are two plates on the top, and the bottom and both are welded together. What makes it different is the addition of the frozen galvanizing color along with the silver paint.

Advantages of steel stumps:

Suppose you are thinking about the replacement steel house stumps, then before switching to any other material. In that case, it is essential to know about the difference steel can making in your homes. Here is a list of benefits that you can enjoy with the steel stumps.

  1. If you have steel beams in your home, you can safely use the steel stumps in the house that will go great with the beams.
  2. The steel stumps are a versatile and updated version of the stumps. They look more impressive than the concrete stumps.
  3. The steel stumps will stay for a long time as they are securely treated with galvanization. They are weather-resistant too. For more information visit our website:
Advantages Of Steel Stumps